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Do you have an APEX? is it set up correctly?

The next LARS meeting will have a full discussion on how to set up an apex from beginning to end.  Many cannot figure out how to connect to the net or where to find the programming they want.  Lets face it, the apex can be tough.  We want the best for our tanks but some don’t know the difference between FALL BACK ON or FALL BACK OFF.

Come on out to the next meeting and find out.  Those that have it set up will find the meeting useful a there are many ways to set up and program an apex.  Find out how others tinker over feeding schedules or delayed skimmer options.  See who run Radions via their apex or MP40s.  The gyre is a the latest gadget to be controlled by the apex.

I hope to see you there, if you have a specific question or have something you would like discussed, shoot me an email and will gladly address your question.  Thank you.

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